Using Dupe Ascendables As Liliths


Just landed my 3rd strong Aaron, Aaron is an ok toon but there’s really no need for more than one of him So I’m planning on using his to upgrade Dante’s AR.

It just seems such a waste, as a guaranteed AR boost I feel that using a legendary toon should boost the AR by two, instead on the one you get using a Lilith &or Aden.

Make it happen @JB.Scopely

Take it to the team dude.

Mystery Box Create a 6 Star Char

Hey, props for making the best of an awkward situation and doing something constructive with the Aaron rather than coming onto the forums to whine about it.


You can give me that aaron.


I have been doing the same with all the Siddiq I have. I hurts me emotionally but I still do it.


If trading was allowed I would happily swap it for 2 x Aden/Lilith


I know what you mean, disposed of a couple of Evasion Negans that way too. It really is a waste, but they’d just take up roster space without ever being levelled otherwise.

It’s kinda funny really, when I consider how desperate I was for legendary toons 12 months ago, now I’m feeding them to other 6*s.


I would able do give you more lol

@JB.Scopely make it happen!!!


I keep all the extras and build territory teams with them.


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