Using 5* toons for main attack team

I still use 2 5* on my yellow attack team, Kate n Teresa. It’s rick lead, zeke, and I switch barker out with Shiva at times. Many wins, very few losses. Anyone else?

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I have 4* Allen in my Green (and Main) Raid Team. So, 5* aren’t that weird :wink:

But I think I shouldn’t take down all green 6* teams with a 2 5* team and get them with 5 standing

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I use varying amounts. Most is four 5*: Javier, command Morgan, Shiva Force Michonne and Hershel.
Least is 2: Bonnie and Mark.

Still use Priya at times.

Nice I don’t have luck with any other 5*

One of my attack teams I have 2 x 5*. SR Zeke for his lead skill, heal/buff AR; and that free ascendable Maggie we got who is a command and revive. That was my main attack for a bit, but I moved on to something else now.

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My Main Defense, now and pretty Soon:

And my Raid Team:

I still use lightning reflexes Eugene on my main attack team. Vincent, Shiva, Shiva, Zeke and Eugene.

Working on a green/red attack team to hit all the carl leads out there though. Mira/lucas/lori/shiva/glenn or Mira/shiva/shiva/lori/glenn

vincent lead, ywight x2 (limited), shivonne x2 (shiva force)

I was using SR zeke and shield michonne until very recently

I use Red Romanov and Red Andrea as lead on my anti Carl attack team and it runs very very well against those teams

On Offense I use two 5* still: Limited Edition Negan as lead and SR Eze.

For OFF they are still solid. For DEF you need to stack statpoints and pray to RNGesus that your weapons crit a lot.

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Not that weird I use Tripp and revive Abe on my main attack and defense teams

A 3 man raid team made of 6*…awesome. Not me tho, ive tried it and didn’t succeed. Some of my teammates do. Only takes them 3 rounds.

I have 15 6* toons, and I still can’t give up using Tripp. He’s awesome.

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