Uses for duplicate toons


What would be the most economical use for duplicate 5* ascendable toons? I currently level their 1st tier in lvl ups, (can’t see wasting gear on them) and they sit uselessly taking space in my roster.
Depot, lvl up fodder or ascension fodder?



Depends on characters


no use for duplicates just sitting around


Depends on who the dupe is, some are useful to have two for different builds, for example an attack carl and a defense carl, same for yellow rosita. Hp or attack for Romanov and so on.


I have 4 Barkers, 3 Shane’s, 4 shivas and 3 Spencer’s. I’m lucky on pulls…rarely fail to get at least an ascendable…but they tend to be the same dang toons.
I also have a few sets of twins & they are set up as offense/ defense.


Keep 1 barker, 1 shane, 2 shivas, 1 spencer. (Assuming u dont have 6* versions)Everything else is depo/ascension fodder


I know it does seem like a waste but to get 5 stars to tier 4 is relatively easy I tend to get them to tier 4 and then will depending on toon will use as fodder


Fodder all the dupes unless they look cool af then keep em


Thank you all for the advice. @Kodak_black my toons always look cool af, I’ve micro-knitted each one custom outfits and my raid battles look like gloriously gory fashion shows. :wink:


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