Usenext scammers! Watch out ! #Tapjoy


Please watch out for scammers
Their offer is on tapjoy for 512 gold reward, BUT THIS IS SCAM.
They state that you can cancel your “free” trial whenever you like, but they won’t let you do this online and they will ignore any other forms of contacts. No coins too. I used to do few of offers like that one, but I’ve never been scammed.

Some sources state that they charging even after you deactivated your trial somehow (from PayPal etc). Take care, now you really need to survive in TWDRTS lol


this is tapjoy not Scopely


They are showing 0,00 € deal but they charged 3€ already


I’m not worried about scopely, I’m worried about playerbase of scopely



I had to disable my credit card and get a new card number before they charged me 100£ and they emailed me saying we could not charge your card… Please update… Thank god i changed card number


Guess I need to do the same


@JB.Scopely ask the team if this hurst scopely and tapjoy image or not please. Next thing you know is that Rts let’s tapjoy sell drugs lol


If you signed up for something on Tapjoy giving it your personal information without doing your due diligence, then you do need to take some of the blame here.


Even if I see free trials I make sure its the reliable ones than can be canceled no matter what, through itunes. Anything outside of itunes subscriptions is dodgy as hell


Anytime I sign up for anything (free trial or paid) I ALWAYS look up how easy or complicated it is to cancel BEFORE I sign up for anything to avoid such situations


I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to expect advertised offers from a company’s business partner to be legitimate. Why there is always a level of personal responsibility it quite clear here who the bad guy is in this scenario.

Maybe bringing this to the attention of Scopely & raising it with Tapjoy will help ensure others aren’t caught out in the same way.

Thanks for bringing it up @Winch


I dealt with this company before about 1.5 years ago through a similar tapjoy offer, got my refund from my bank and blocked any future transactions. They resorted to sending me debt collection letters which I ignored, stopped after about a year.


Not saying he’s to blame. Just giving everyone a tip so they don’t fall in the same situation. I’ve been there. We SHOULD be able to trust that every company is on the level, unfortunately we live in a world where anyone can rip you off at anytime


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