Use UTC or GMT to communicate event times

I don’t know if this has been suggested before, but using UTC or GMT might be better to use in communicating event times. IMO it’s easier to deal with when you have users across the world.


But that will mean they will have trouble communicating with players that don’t know UTC or GMT lol

Jokes aside, it makes more sense for them to use PST because they are located in that time zone. They’ve made mistakes with the times on calendars before, so it might be more ideal for them to be consistent with the time zone.

Regardless of which time zone they pick, there will always be a group of players that have to learn the time conversion because it’s a time zone that they are not used to.


no australia is the center of the world
use Australian eastern standard time

If they can’t get starting times correct with their 9en timezone, what chance have they got using GMT


Or u can buy a watch that has multiple timezones suitable for faction leaders
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Are you plugging your own brand there? :rofl:

It makes more sense for a game that is played not only in the US but all over the world to cover multiple timezones and not just one which isn’t the standard edt time which mostly other countries are familiar with.

Just having 3 to for edt, UK, and another timezone would help, but for it to be implemented, they would probably have to get a customer to create it cos they don’t know how to run their own business and provide customer service

The only fair way is to run events of NZT - the day starts with us, so it makes the most sense.

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UTC is literally the universal time zone, and other time zones are defined in relation to it. It’s very easy to learn and keep updated your own difference to UTC.

Using individual places time zones is a much worse solution, and this is most apparent with daylight savings time - most people become aware when their own time zone changes rather quickly and can adjust, having to pay attention to time zone changes on the other side of the earth as well is very annoying.

It’s also what I find in most other games with a global audience, because it makes the most sense.

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It does baffle me how so many long term players still don’t know the time difference between their location and PST. After months or years of playing you’d think people would remember or at least write it down.

Whichever time zone they use the majority would need to convert it so I don’t know why it matters, but I do see the logic in what DrJank is saying.

They definitely shouldn’t try to give us multiple timezones unless they gave us a table with all time zones on, like the one that circulates on Line. Giving us just 2 or 3 options would likely just confuse people even more.

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It is their timezone so fair play to them, it would just be nice for its to be clear that its PST, as this hasnt always been the case.

The bigger argument with regards times is moving start/end times around to suit other regions from time to time!


This is an excellent idea, most people with a basic education and therefore, play this game, will know and easily know what time would end and begin an event, because everyone knows that GMT + / - is based on the time in your country, ie if a war on the forum starts at 00h00 GMT, just have to add or subtract the hours marked by your time zone, for example, as I use the GMT -5, only subtract 5 hours, so it would start at 19h00.


Google it… as a meerkat on tv tells everyone its simples

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I believe times should be communicated in Unix epoch time. Or stardate. Now that would make so much sense.

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Uhhh why not just have the app convert to the users time? This is 101 app UX design

They already have plenty of things to mess up. Don’t put more on their plates


I fly a lot. Pretty much every plane you fly on, especially long haul, has the flight map with zones showing GMT +/-.
Often when you see multiple clocks in the lobby of a business building showing multiple timezones, underneath each clock you will see GMT +/-.
When maps in books and on the internet show timezones they usually show them as GMT +/-.
Most educated non-nationalistically indoctrinated people that I’ve met, know what their timezone is as GMT +/- (and if they’ve forgotten they will have known at some point and is so more easily remembered).

Most people don’t know what their timezone is in comparison to Canberra, Beijing, Deli, Moscow, Johannesburg, New York, Brazillia… so why should they be expected to know it in comparison to LA?


Come on peeps it’s GMT the standard across the :earth_africa:want to put a smiley face here why can I only use one

Australia doesnt exist.

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As UK is 0, it shows that we must have created timezones & allocated everybody else theirs, therefore UK time is the one true time… & we have a massive clock.


Sorry for anybody that got excited by misreading about a massive clock.


It doesn’t matter if they communicate the time of the events. They all start at the same time in the morning in Europe. 2am in Spain