Use museum points to purchase goodies

I think players would be slightly more invested in the game if Scopley implements a way for their players to purchase gear and important items, and toons with their museum points they earned.


Yea def need a depot or something for those worthless museum points

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Suggestions and Feedback?

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Was offered by dash at the launch of Museum an expected addition at some point. Don’t bet on it any time soon.


Lol … nah it will be here “soon”

Not really. Game still has 2017 content to get through before adding new stuff in which players probably won’t get 2018 content like this until next year. Lol

New world stages, Legendary gear roadmap, old 5* ascendables, etc. This will definitely take awhile

Def want!

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I support this! Lets make it happen!

Lets pin this thread so Scopley can see.