URGENT: Please add character slots to SHOP again. THANKS!


I’m in desperate need for more Character slots. I have exceeded the 380 cap already and am at 400 (16 trainers) now and am out of options at the moment. I really don’t want to sell use up my unique 6, 5, or 4 star characters. By unique I mean I don’t have more than 1 of them in my roster. The dupes I have, I generally prefer to keep as well and for the most part are toons that are maxed levels and using them to sell for food or ascendance seems insane. With the advent of an ever growing new population of 6 star toons, I think keeping the cap steady for so long surely is negatively impacting others as well. The cap should be rising roughly in line with the number of new characters you add to the game but I think it has been at 380 for a fair amount of time while the new toons keep rolling in. Keep in mind that I’m not asking for a free cap increase, I’d welcome it but I’d also buy them if offered in an instant. I’m currently locked from getting new toons from maps and or training camps until I resolve my cap limit. Sure I have about 1-2 rounds of ascendance left before I run out of that option but I don’t have 600 legendary medals at the moment and even if I spent the 16 toons and 16 trainers to ascend 2 chars I’d be at ~370 giving me about 10 to spare. This is untenable. On behalf of all the whales toon collectors please add more Character slots to the Shop. thanks!


Easiest solution is to make trainers stack. It’s been talked about and commented on but no actual word has been given.

Either make this happen or bring everyone up to 500 for free.


Why buy additional slots in the shop? The roster cap should be removed completely. Ther is no need for the limit, except from selling additional slots. Technically ther is no limit, as you can have more than 1000 toons in you roster after opening tokens.

So come on Scopely, remove the annoying cap, which bores us every SLUT/FLUT


This. The roster cap is a mechanic that had unclear objectives at the start of the game, and later became more detrimental with the releases of new features like level-ups and ascendance. Not to mention, the number of unique characters released is increasing while the roster cap stays constant.


If they make it Unlimited I want my damn gold back i spent on roster slots


They can keep the coins I spent for the additional slots, I don’t care.
But they should remove the annoyance asap, as a whale/collector I’m on 4 free slots. I think you all can imagine how much fun a SLUT/FLUT is, when you level your toons by 4 2*…


I just had to sell 101 3* because I was at 440 for a while haha


I only kept unique and extremely rare toons. I don’t want to sell any of them, it’s been hard work to get some of them.


move trainers to a seperate roster tab dont need to stack them


A few months ago I got fed up with solo level ups so I started saving for a faction one. It took like 5 weeks before one came up. For that last week I had ONE open roster slot. God that was a pain.


That requires work so it won’t happen.

What they could also do is just no longer have trainers count against our cap and have them stack. It’s a pain in the ass to have to scroll past all the trainers every time. This solves both problems.


I Wish. Anyone else remember when we had unlimited weapons?

I totally agree. in the current Meta we need like 1000 slots minimum.

And we need more team slots as well about 40 minimum.


It really needs to happen; the current roster cap is completely outdated and unfit for the game as it is now.

I have close to 60 benedicts in my roster, another 20 unclaimed in my inbox getting close to expiry (despite the 30 day limit), and over 40 trainer bags that I’m afraid to open because I’ve gotten so many bennys from them already.
I have a 40 pull ready in 5* tokens but can’t make it because it will put my roster 38 spots over the limit, so even if I pull an ascendable from there I won’t be able to level them because I can’t pull any toons from my TGs.

I do understand the technical need for a cap, we could have players with tens of thousands of toons in their roster if there wasn’t one (actually I think one of the devs said way back it was a method to force “strategizing” in level ups, which went out the window once YGL was inrtroduced), but a “sensible” limit like with weapons would prevent that. Or as many others have said, simply have a separate one for trainers or make them stack.


Totally agree. I haven’t checked forum for sometime, and finally cracked since my roster is maxed out. I can’t pull 5* tokens, and don’t want to ascend people I won’t use just to make space. Please add more space.


I’ve recently had to ascend some 4* I’ve been hoarding for ages :frowning: mostly for room but also to complete the new ascendence achievement. Please add more slots, I would hate to sacrifice any more rare toons…


so say we all


Things that would improve the game’s quality of life in addition to removing trainers from counting towards the cap.

  • Stacking trainers would help with all the swiping.
  • In addition add arrows that can be tapped instead of having to swipe.
  • Once a stack has been selected arrows to indicate how many we would like to use when leveling up.
  • Improved sorting.
  • Eliminate the cap completely. It makes no sense in a game about purchasing toons that you would limit this in the first place.


A long long long time ago we had no limit on this lol


I think roster slots would make for excellent milestone prizes in events


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