Upgrading weapons

Why do get these messages? My armory is at lvl 20 and I’ve done the research for the schematics on the upgrade so why would my weapon lose power score?

If you have a 30 Stat there is a chance you end up with 24 if you do not crit when you change it. Blue VS. Purple outcome.

If you are replacing an existing slot that is valued at 100, the point value you get for a new successful craft, not critical, is 90. So that is less than the 100 that was there.

???. Wat does all that mean 30 stat? Less crit?

For instance if you start with a Ezekiel sword
30 crit and very large attack.

You then add to slot 3. Score can only increase cause nothing it there. So let’s imagine you get stun when attacking. Great!

Now you decide you want defense in place of the crit. You have 2 outcomes at level 3 Stat replacement - > crit or non crit armory success.

When you use tape and kits, There is a chance you do not get crit success in armory for 30 defense but instead get 24 defense (regular success). The weapon power score would decrease cause the 30 scores more than the 24.

Thats all it means.