Upgrading Active Skills on Defense! Good or bad?

I spoke with an buddy about it.

Let’s take Lydia as example. I upgraded some of her active skill (recover stun) and there are some different meaning about that, because it would be very “dumb” if Lydia use active skill and recover a stun if there aren’t any toons stunned in that way she looses AP to make her rush?

What are your thoughts about that ? Hmm

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If nobody is stunned, she won’t use her active.

Active skills only go off if they will provide value (assuming defense as offensively you can always use it for no reason) so for Lydia’s example she won’t use active skill of recover stun unless a different toon is stunned.

Depending on the toon, the setup (offense/defense), the strategy, and team makeup, some active skills should be leveled while others should not.


I never leveled Carl’s active bc I found it useless. But, if you’re running 85ap revives like Lydia and ty, it can really be beneficial.


I know, but do toon set AR over Active ? And off AR is almost up then she use Active then it’s not that effective ?

That isn’t always the case. An active like Focus will go off even if the opponent isn’t shielded


Focus has other uses though and can be beneficial regardless of opponent having a shield or not

Yea focus on def is really annoying… esp if you are relying on confuse or taunt to control shields/revives.


But focus is not only beneficial for shields…

Focus can go off anytime it wants to prevent something like confuse or taunt from happening even before it gets played.

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When six stars came out the characters like guardian zeke and speed racer helmet mirabelle would use their AS when ever even when their wasn’t any statuses to clear up.

That soon later got patched so you are completely clear to level up her active skill but if you are looking to use your trainers on more offense fun toons then save for them as I don’t think it’s needed for her but that’s imo.

Most They’re pretty bad.only use my trainers on useful ones.Good debate

The most dumb active skills that go off unnecessarily is Gabes revive and AP gain and red sandy Taunt and revive they always go off in their respective turns even if no one is dead , big miss here imo

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I also hate that opponents can use recover confuse at the start of their round but if you want to use recover confuse, the confused player’s turns are used BEFORE you have a chance to use recover confuse.

Simply because the AI wants to up AP or taunt the opponent I guess…

Im thinking here, was it smart to give Lydia recover Stun(not bad ability) but if she recover a mate that are stun instead of using rush and give more extra HP which would make me win, that sucks. Sometimes when I raid I make sacrifice of 1-2 toon if I know (save the rush) and that rush can change the match…

We should have a possibility to set tactics like( use recover stun only if two are stunned - do never use recover stun - do never use recover stun while AR is above 70% etc)

I guess this is a quirk of having a revive combined with another facet (i.e. the taunt or AP gain) and the AI therefore will indiscriminately activate it whether it wants to taunt/AP gain or revive. Don’t think this happens for pure revive AS toons like Madison and Violet.

The issue with a lot of AS is the AI doesn’t use it properly. Always funny to see a Carl as last man standing using his AP Gain to give himself 15 AP instead of attacking which would gain him 20 AP.

Is this a thing? Never seen it before myself.

I believe that it was mentioned by Scopley that the priority of action will always be:

  1. AR (if AP is full)
  2. AS (if available and relevant)
  3. Basic attack

I would always level a recover stun like Lydia though.

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