Upgraded Stun Gun - Carl Red dot smg disappeared after successful craft

I jsut crafted the gun and was able to get the stun. I closed the app to check back my ebay…i come back to assign the gun and it’s gone. I have 2 carl red dot with stun. with the former as the last successful upgrade but it is nowhere in my inventory.

please check my history.

should of locked it

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didn’t you just read? i just finished crafting it… open it then went back to ebay. then went back to assign it.

it takes seconds to lock it after the craft…So like I said :man_shrugging:

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Don’t worry I found it!



^aggred that was unnecessary

Just helping the dude out smh

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I was entertained.

Games crashed plenty of times and it’s always been in my inventory. Admittedly it not always obvious but I’m sure it’s there somewhere (if real)

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