Upgrade your storage and other annoyances


Not one single material post but I have to be spammed by and close this STOOPID FUCKING message non stop. I DONT WANNA UPGRADE MY STORAGE, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Also, what ever happened to solo raid tourneys with good rewards? Our whole faction is sitting on a couple hundred raid refills a piece but the last time there was something worth raiding for was…

Also why the fuck is there a roadmap for me 40 fucking days that is going to be pointless as soon as the last map opens… 40 days of sitting there uselessly just to make it look like there is an event going on. A crap event, with crap chances. Well most of us put up with enough crap in our day to day lives to not need any more crap from you scopely, considering taking another break from your lazy boring game


Also, 2 million level up points for 1 piece of gear? Ahahahahah you think we are all just dying to plug away hours of our lives for 1 stoopid piece of fucking gear? Sit on it and rotate.


Lmao. I felt the emotion of this post.


You should’ve gotten an IP ban yourself since you created an alt to evade your suspension on main account. Funny you also talk about “cursing”, don’t you realize what you did before you got suspended?

Edit: R18’s original comment was deleted


Wrong person bub. I dgaf about swearing obvs. If Negan can do it I can do it.


obviously because gabe was taking credit for getting me banned and was laughing about it with others and couldnt stop mentioning my name when i was banned so that irked me and didnt want to wait to tell him to cut it out. i do know what i said before i got suspended, im not forgetful, i am trying to move past it instead of harping on it like you seem to be doing. and OP created alt account to make this post, doesnt want to risk getting original account banned.


What the fuck do you keep saying I made alt account for? I dont give a FUCK about getting banned from shit.

Two options the way i see it, tell em to blow it out their ass and they stop making shit so boring, or I find another pay to win game to play… Whoop di doo


Just chill man…


I’m totally chill, if I was any more chill, I’d be dead! This is just how I talk goddammit


Obvs I must be bored with da game if I need to come er and stir the pot


I want to get hired by this game, fired by it, good at it bad at it, learn to play it, owned by it. Come on Scopley what are you waiting for, everyone to get bored an quit? Gimmie something to do, double tourneys, tripple tourneys Super tourneys, good prizes, bad prizes free prizes, tourney every day of the week, roadmaps to burn energy on, tokens to collect way to work to 6* star gear comononon already we getting bored we want MOAR!


R18-C4G3 Deleted his original comment saying you should’ve been IP banned, sorry for the confusion.