Upgrade the Scavenger Missions?

Hello :wave:

Maybe it would be time to give those scavenger mission a little upgrade, or is it just me ?

Wait 7 days for those rewards ? Naaah😏 I pass…


I feel like this is a job for super @Parker & one of his polls asking what scavenger missions we actually use.

I personally only use ygl, b&m.


Yeah m2, but I also use: wont back down, new moon fever, well well well :slight_smile:

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2 hour ones are instant prizes so they are worth the 2 or 3 clicks - but only because they are instant and give things like survivors or token-skips, not because they are something to get excited about.


Agree :slight_smile:

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Prestige based. I think I’m only 10 or 11 so I can only skip the one that gives the packs for scavenger missions to increase success chance

Ah ok fair enough

bump YGL to 500k exp please :slight_smile:


Nah, I’d say 1 mil. The Bernadette are like 50k by themselves. Not very much spread across 5 toons.

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Yeah definitely scavenger missions need an upgrade. We are at S class era but scavenger is at 5* era :smiley: that makes no sense, also faction assault needs an upgrade imo

Nobody working at Scopely currently knows how they work. They’d have to tear the entire system down and redo it with relevant prizes

That’s a whole bunch of work for zero money. They would in turn probably monetize the system much more than present


True. But we can still dream, can’t we? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s just what I suggested a few days ago, this game has a lot of outdated things that only worked since the 5 * era or the beginning of the 6 * era, now with the S-classes, all those missions and rewards , they are an absolute waste of time.

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It’s really sad how outdated parts of this game are at this point. If I had to guess, I would say that scope only has a small team working on updates and the goal that team is given is to create monetized updates.

I think it would take a renewed interest in the walking dead for enough new people to sign up and make updates to things like scavenger camp to actually happen.


They already said it’s almost impossible to touch the scavenger mission camp code . and it’s bee brought many times before until people forget about it.


Then, they should create something similar to the scavenger camp. Test it before implementation and delete the old crappy camp + missions.


They’re more focused on that marvel game tbh

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which marvel game ? :smiley:

Strike force

is it good?