Upgrade advice: Who should it be?

So I have five fast legend characters all ready for the final tier upgrade. My problem is, I only have enough gear for ONE character, any advice or suggestions on who it should be?

Camilla or shiva.



They are the most likely to continue to have use in the move to s class. Camilla has nice lead and burn. Shiva has a turn of bleed and lacerate and has use in sr if nothing else later on. When in doubt always learn to attack characters over support characters which I feel rest are.


Good point

If No attack lead on team now choose camila
40% extra attack and huge help a lot


Agree, leads are usually the most important

I’d say Camilla or Zeke.
Camilla because of her lead skill and she can still be usable for some time, even with the release of S-Class.
Zeke because of guardian shield… he’s still gen2, so even if he doesn’t offer too much control or damage, he’s still useful and can render some attacks useless. Shiva isn’t that great, if you ask me… Have her, but it’s just collecting dust in my roster. Plus she has a bound weapon. There’s plenty more bleed/lacerators around… Last league toon, Jiafeng, Raulito, etc.

Camilla for the lead skill.
strong 2nd: Zeke if you do not have a guardian or Shiva if you have the makings of a bleed team.

good luck

Poor old yukimo. No-one has even considered her.

Ascend Camilla.

Camilla for sure

He is obviously a new ftp player and you think he is going to have raulito or jiafeng, be real.

Nope! I was just assuming that in the long run, Shiva lacerator would be less useful than Zeke, as he’ll have the possibility to gain/buy a better character of that category, but Zeke still has use, being one of the most used guardian shields in the game. In all fairness, I would only place guardian Rick, Holly, Olivia and Douglas slightly over Zeke. :slight_smile:

Kal is better too. And Zeke’s being t4 is less impactful on his performance than shiva. His attack isnt that important so that stat is somewhat wasted.

I agree with that… except the Kal part. :sweat_smile:
If you look at it this way, that’s the right choice.
If you look at it in the long run, Zeke’s gonna be more useful.
But if you look at it from the OP’s point of view, we all agreed Camilla should be the one, and as he only has the resources to upgrade 1 character, as stated, I think that’s the direction he’ll go. :sweat_smile:

Hes not Gen2, but he was a staple of my teams until recently when i got Guardian Rick.

Zeke is a solid toon but i’d agree with the others, Camilla or Shiva

Guardian 2, sorry… I misspoke. :smiley:

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No way I have completed nightmare mode sr and shiva was a key contributor. Zeke I cant even remember last time I used. Kal has good control and carries a stun stick so I’d take him or even ivanova over him.

I have Shiva but never used her… I prefer Ivanova or Rick, to be fair.
I guess it actually depends on preferences. Like for defense teams… there’s players that prefer defense teams that kill, or players like myself, that prefer defense teams that make the attacker lose control and time out. :smiley:
Same principle applies here, too. But I think we both have/had valid points. :slight_smile:

Javier and yumiko r garbage just get rid of them and put Instead Charlie and regular Shiva