Updating 30 Day Crate?


We have seen many updates, SR toons, Supply Depot, and even all the wheels, but this 30 day pass crate has stayed the same, could we possibly see some changes? Maybe adding Lilths, Ulysses, or a couple ascendable toons? :grin:


The last sentence lol. We can wait until pigs can fly or the sky falling.


If we have a bunch of people that would like this change and act like civil adults about it I’m sure they would do their absolute best, berating people gets nowhere.


It should at least be a guaranteed 5*. I stopped my 30 day pass after several months of only getting 4* toons from this crate.


I only buy the 30 day pass, and I think out of 10ish crates I’ve only gotten 1 5* mostly I got trainers. Guaranteed 5 star would be nice.


Yeah I only gotten the blue governor on one of my accounts the other one haven’t been lucky enough to get one.

The thing is since 6* are introduced, Scopely hasn’t been as generous, not that they’re very generous in the first place. I know someone who spent $14 grand to get Konrad. So yeah it’s all about money.

This is one of the most important song that is ever made, it is more relevant now than when it was released:


I won’t start buying it again but some ppl probaly would do. Still a great coin offer.


I only buy the 30 day pass and I spend it on events to help out my faction. I don’t buy toons, (once did enough free offers and saved to do a 10 pull for Lee and got him long ago if you count that) So I guess im not a person to spend 14k on a toon, I’d rather spend 14k getting a car lol. But I have to say, I’m in the #1 rank faction in my region, I’m overall rank 18, so I think I’ve done okay. Generous? Before 6 stars I had 41ish 5 stars and now I have 96, so I’ve been quite happy when the generosity I’ve got. :blush: However since I do pay for the 30 day pass, I don’t see a problem in staying positive and asking for an upgrade.


True! I buy it for the coins, normally it’s the perfect amount for events and other stuff. I rarely use it for boxes, normally it’s just expediting wait times on 100k and war rebuilds.


I stopped buying the 30 day crate after my 5th consecutive Abe.


Maybe I’m lucky that I’ve only ever gotten Aden and Benedict after the initial 4* Carl

I agree though, when it comes down to it, this crate seriously needs a facelift. One extra piece of fodder (be it a 5* or Benedict trainer) per month, is not going to break the game. Throw us a bone…ditch the 4*s and add Ulysses at a bare minimum.


Yeah fully agree, Ulysses would be a great add.