Is there a more updated Weapon Crafting Charts, something current (fall of 2018)?


There hasn’t been anything to update since release


This is the only crafting list


Defender 3 on everything, only for fast slayer 3…welcome to boredom


Wrong. Slayer 3 on Strong weapons for Stun on Attack


Plus double-tap for some blues. 20% AP blue is also valuable. 8% to all is great to have in the arsenal if you know how to build a team. AP down on greens is often more usable than stun, depending on the toon. You wanna have fun? Run stun greens for the first few hits in war then swap your defense and run AP down on them :grin::grin:.


Stun on attack is the only reason why my unleveled 5*/6* team can deal with some tough teams in war/raid.


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