Updated unofficial woc list


How come there is only 121 factions in this list?

I’m just interested in what the requirements are to make the list as surely there must be a lot more factions out there. Nothing else :blush::blush:

Good work!! I’m always amazed that some people invest time in doing this.

Scopely put a list out after last war that had the top 120 factions. War of champions is top 40 so I don’t think anyone out side of 120 will qualify

So currently only 25 out of the top 40 are in 1A and 7 are in wave 2.

I suspect a few more will move in to 1a soon.

Go Biohazard!


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Let migration begin.

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I heard they beat TTT in a war this weekend. Very impressive.

Did they? That is awesome!

Interesting thought, but here’s an even more interesting comparison: if nobody transfers into 1A and the standings stay exactly the same, 5 factions below rank 120 will qualify*

Top 40ish including all regions:

Top 40ish including only 1A regions:

*Edit: whoops. Need to learn to read. 5 factions in the top 40 1A regions are rank 100 or higher in the WoC standings, not 120 or higher.

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