Updated TOS and ... where's my gift?

So I received yesterday’s e-mail regarding the updates to the TOS and Privacy Policy and even managed to find some time to read through it. What I can’t get past though is, where is my gift to be claimed? You can’t tell people to claim a gift and not give one! Not a good look for a business trying to retain its “customers.”



The gift is the new ToS :+1:t2:


aww didnt recieve an email… now i feel left out lol

Hey guys – we were unaware of that text in the metadata – that email was created to send out the update regrading TOS that you were seeing yesterday.

That template was used in the past for sending things out and hadn’t been removed.

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So no gift then :frowning:

Nope. The magical ToS allows them to change things at will.

Why flag this? It is 100% true. They reference the ToS when things change.


Not cool! This is why templates have to be thoroughly checked before blindly sending out emails. As an email marketer, I’ve learned the hard way that you are obligated to honor every piece of information that you are sending out, whether its intentional or not. How’s this one going to be fixed?

Everyone gets a free grenade!! :bomb:

Actually, they won’t even do that. They will just ignore it like they do with everything else.