Updated Character Ascension Dates?

Are there any plans to give us a real timeline to expect character ascension on some older toons…other than “early 2018”?

Also, are there any plans to make some of the more sought after characters (pre 6*), such as priya and bluechone, any of the “Shiva Force” characters ascendable in the near future?


Sorry they said they aren’t posting dates as they can change and the backlash for changing is not something thy want to Deal with.
And personally these characters you mentioned should not be prioirty for ascendance and i personally hope they are some of the last 5* to go,as you said they are sought after as they are still viable , the whole point of ascendance was to make the unusable toons like blue gov, or gator , to be brought back in line with evey other toon.
Prioritising the more viable characters should not happen its why so many were disappointed with the Christmas rick being made ascendable over OG rick, as one is still viable the other is not

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I somewhat agree with you and at the same time I don’t, I spent big on priya only to find her almost useless now, I mean don’t get me wrong she is still great but only 1 critical hit away from death by Shiva. But again I do see your point.

Lol so true

I would also be happy with og rick

Lol I was afraid of that haha

Thats great but i have to say as you spent big on pryia , there were people who spent big on the likes of blue governor and caroline like myself , before the guaranteed 5*, and while you may not have been able to use use her effectively the past few months, we have not been able to use them for a couple of years, so prioritisng characters who are still viable in certain circumstances is a no go for me, they need to focus on those characters who have no use in the game before they touch newer charcaters

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You spent big on a caroline? Like actually trying to pull her or just got her pulling for someone else?

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I did ,this was back when she was originally released there were very few 5* characters in the game at that point and most people were running 4* teams with joshua leads,im also sure they did not show ar costs at the time but am not 100% of this.so she seemed like a worthwhile character and was fairly decent at the time , i did not pull her despite spend for 2 big packs.
There was a time these characters had uses , this is not the case hence why they should be updated first, i played at a time where 5* were like gold dust

Yes that is true, it was so intentional that last time she was promo literally right before ascension went live.

Yup, I completely forgot about Teresa that shows how relevant she is these days. And to think when she came out she was a legend

Yeh i have a teresa , and barely use her anymore she has been affected more than pryia, but is still useful in fac assult and Undoubtedly, it was a scummy move they did there, and profit was the only thing on there mind, they didnt realise how badly it would affect spenders, but i will say this pryia is still incredibly usefull on offense under a carl lead, its just her defensive viability that has gone

I still use priya on attack even behind a Mira lead and pray she doesn’t get one shotted rd 1 and then I command her rd 2 and it is effective. She is mainly useless on defense.