Updated calendar?


Hey @JB.Scopely I know you’re a busy bee, I’m sure it’s probably awaiting approval but any timeline into when this weeks calendar and event schedule will be updated?


The calendar gets updated on Tuesday’s…as usual. But people still post about it every Monday :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


which wouldn’t happen if the previous Tuesday’s calendar actually covered a period far enough in advance that it didn’t end on Sunday and leave a gap…


It’s been like this for months…there is currently a two day level up going on… relax,we have plenty of time
Make more posts about it :man_shrugging:


Just because something has been a certain way for a long time, doesn’t mean people shouldn’t moan.

I also agree that every Monday we have a level up (although this Monday it landed 10 hours earlier than usual), but if that is the case, is it so hard to add it on a Tuesday for the following Monday? Scopley don’t make it easy on themselves


My guess is solo raid tomorrow, solo survival road wednesday, fac level up beginning thursday-sun, fac raid beginning friday-sun, and fac survival road sunday afternoon.



Its almost like you can see the future… or been playing this game for more than a month… kinda hard to tell


level up solo
level up fac
raid fac
sr fac

repeat, do we need a calendar ?


Touched a nerve with some! Yes events are very much repeated, but in JB’s defence he has previously updated the calendar on a Friday before it’s expired a few times. Was just a gentle prompt!


yall better put some respect on JB’s name


Its not a mistake dummy, its the way scopley has set up the calendar. all the posts do nothing except keep getting MORE ANNOYING.


already updated…


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