Updated calendar.. no more blitz

Why did you remove blitz again? Seriously war is the reason why some people even play. Also what is the point of getting to transfer if you never face the region your transferred to in war?

Oh and dont forget now faction raid is less than 24 hours. Smh




Wth they get on and change the schedule but no words. Guess the subject to change is used as much as possible. Yay another level up and a raid event…are they worried we might actually get cans for crw? I love blitz. Quick, easy milestones, and a nice replinish of cans, and burts lol


Piss take that there isn’t blitz next week now another fuck You players by scopley :smirk:

Perhaps they intend to alternate onslaught/blitz on a 2 week rotation instead of cramming both in between a war. I’d wait to see Week 1 of March yet


Leveling toons takes the least amount of sit down time out of all the events. They make sure to always give us two days when it comes to level up. It’s never the case for other faction events. Smh

Cram them both? I mean really? Onslaught and blitz are not the same. Id take anything over another level up. It was nice for once to not see same crap every week. @GR.Scopely or @JB.Scopely why take away something the players enjoy? Should we still expect a mod removal or will this be subject to be taken away again?

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Doubt they will even reply to the tags tbh they have been missing and not responding for almost a week id say keep blitz scrap sr for that week and throw a raid event in

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Ja. I’d think it’d get tedious week in week out. I don’t mind one of the weeks being lighter. At least as default.

And no not the same, but I find onslaught needs close attention unless you want demotion. Blitz is similar but on a faction level. I’m not one who likes the idea of war-every-week


no money on blitz…so why they care? :smile::smile::smile:

I dont want war every week either, i dont live in the game lol geez i dont wanna even think about how misreable it would be to war each week and then crw on the weekend

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It’s still shows blitz war on calendar…

@Updog No you should scroll down to the feb calendar instead of viewing the january one.

Thank you sir. I saw ‘current month’ and looked no further.

Bring back Blitz War!

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Dang. We were pretty excited to have blitz with the new region we just transferred to. :cry:

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sigh, why remove blitz?

another variety removed and back to old level up. people dont have to participate in all the events, but atleast give us some varieties and options…

Its good change it now not in Tuesday

I prefer anything aside from the constant level up, raid, sr loop we are in. Its like the revive meta no matter how many times we do them they pop right back up. Its a shame as there are so many different things that could be done to this game to make it great again instead of the boring grind its becoming.

At least blitz we had better chances to get rewards. Cross region war is too messed up to get anything good…

But can’t they change the calendar without a moments notice and have an unexpected blitz war like they have done before?