Updated but Still No Leagues showing


Just updated the game on iOS but can’t find Leagues



They still have to hit the live button, before that’s done, they’re gonna make a post explaining a few things, which should be up within the next few hours, if that.




No one was talking to you


Salty ass ppl


Can’t even post a single thread without getting negative comments I made this thread so Scopely can see it not for your dumb ass




Nope :rofl:


I mean it’s ridiculous every time I make a thread I think about how ppl will act


I updated too, but I get a pop-up saying an update is available every time I open the game. Anyone else getting this?


I guess that means you’re

(••) / ( ••)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■)

In a league of your own


They are giving time for everyone to download the new update. Can’t start leagues when people are still on the old version.


Yep thanks


Direct to my colection


Another pre war update what could go wrong


2 hours from this post it should become live


try reading the forums before you make a post


next time @ someone if your looking for someone specific


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