Updated Ascendance List

When can we expect to see an updated list of future ascendables? Our current list is almost done and over with.

Almost done? I think of the 12 they said would be ascendable, we’ve seen 5 released.


Y’all know what I mean, still would be nice to see an updated one

I wouldn’t expect to hear anything until the current list is finished. Not holding my breath that they will get them all out by mid-2018 as promised. They are too focused on creating new premiere toons to give a crap about the existing 5 stars. No money in it for them aparently.

Can we see the Gov next?

Neither. It has always been “early 2018”. Some pessimists have proclaimed that you might be inclined to suggest anything up to midnight on 30th June as being “early 2018” but in reality, we’d expect to see them before then. Most normal people wouldn’t describe anything later than April, maybe even March, as “early” 2018.

The main issue is that they are just fucking sitting on these six stars for no good reason.

Governor was data mined by VK on 29th August last year - 170 days ago. Same date as Glenn and Rick who have long been released. Eugene, one of the other cards we’ve seen, was mined on 6th October. All of those, plus Kal, Lori, Connor, Aaron and Dwight (whose cards have not been seen iirc) were announced on 13th October - five fucking months ago.



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Hey I know a reason why - premiere green command (don’t know name of toon nor stats, nor will try to find out cause premiere) was before green glenn. So when they sell red neutro, we will get red gov, simple.

I suspect every time they release a 6* legacy toon their profits from premier recruits takes a hit, that’s the one & only reason for their excruciatingly slow release.

Command Glenn was before the command Kelly by around a week.

Are you sure? I can’t remember but I see whales preffer kelly more then glenn, so I guessed he was before him. Aldo it could mean we are waiting for premiere neutro to be around same time as free one.

Edit: checked list, kelly is after glenn, so glenn was first.