Update token wheel with new characters


@kalishane pls read this and push it forward to Scopely devs

Currently new servers got 6* I elite token puls while old servers got fcked with old wheels, all of them having old toons and minimum amount of 6*

Please update all the wheels with characters from new 5* ascendable list old characters as well as put all those 6* from Elite tokens wheel in new regions into 5* token wheel in old regions.

This would actually give us any reason to start collecting those 5* tokens, coz now they’re currently shit once u get from there two or three certain 6*

Potential wasted and people leaving game coz they don’t have any purpose to play for rewards


There is 16 full 6* characters in Elite token wheel on new regions and same amount of 5* ascendables, while regular 5* token wheel have only 6 ascendable 5* characters.
This is outrageous!!!

And half of those 6* from Elite token Stash are ones that were sold to people in recent month either in premier recruits or stashes.

This is sick, u sell them to people for a lot of money only to release them for free as rewards in crappiest wheel, I think it’s time Google play should look into this case and start giving refunds for that.


Wait what?


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