Update to newest version?

I just got kicked out of survival road due to a pop up saying to upgrade to the newest version. Took me to my playstore. No update. I have the latest Beta version. Is there another update that I don’t know about?

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I got an update just now, but sometimes I’ll get a phantom update too. If there’s nothing, just ignore it.

Same thing just happened to me. And no updates available that I can find.

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I don’t have the option to ignore it. Are you a Beta user?

Can’t ignore it, won’t let me continue

Yes that’s what I got

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I can’t stand being in beta, I didn’t even sign up and download beta! It was a push download and now I’m stuck and can’t get out of this ridiculous cycle. Can anyone help me get away from beta permanently.

You had the same problem as me last time too. Ugh

That is why i got out of beta too. Along with them not listening when we found bugs.

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Yeah same here it sucks. Just used a can too

How do I get out of beta?

Help @CombatMan @CombatDevIl @kalishane

I brought it to the team, we’re checking it.

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Thank you!

Im stuck in beta and never signed up for it. The download came via push update but I never signed up for it. I want to get out of beta permanently. I can’t go into the beta community cause I’m not accepted so that’s not a solution. I’m just a normal player and want no part of beta.

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I was in the beta community so not matter what i did it will not work for you. I waited till the release went final jumped into the beta comunity and there is an opt out button or something… hit that and not more beta for me.

So I’m stuck then? That’s total BS. It wasn’t even my decision

Send me your account via PM and I will see what I can do for you.

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Sent @CombatDevIl

I am going through the same thing. Left beta plus group over a year ago