Update the wheels

Pleassseeee update the wheels. 50k 5* tokens for faction event but same old rubbish in there. Get it refreshed asap please. Maybe eric andrea rom etc @JB.Scopely


Okay, new exclusive 5* Mark to the wheel.


If there’s not that many toons in there that you have a use for, why’d you pull in the first place?

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They are not rubbish, they are Bennies!!

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I still havent pulled any ascendable that was added months ago.


Me either


Lol the way people ask for things and say get it done now or ASAP l…im sure they will hop right on it. I’d love to see more variety of toons in there considering about half our roster will be useless with new promos being pushed out why not? Kal has always managed to elude me he’s about the only one in there currently that I’d like to have. Mainly for collection purposes.

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Its more about just reminding them its overdue :joy:

I have not pulled. But hate holding them, cant trust myself :eyes:

Take it to the team @JB.Scopely, make it certain.

On VK they said there’s a new update coming soon and something about token wheel so might update it


I have said multiple time prestige recruits needs an update that gets rid of all 4*


Prestige tokens needs an overhaul indeed… 4* tokens are obselete, 5* tokens need new toons added, we need a permanent ascendance wheel similar to the 5* wheel in 5* times… also in lvl up the 40k objectives need to be overhauled to include legends and active skills… all 1* items and toons and weapons could be completely removed from game… basic tokens and helper tokens need a buff… we need a 2* with a small chance of leveling a legend rush and/or active…
Inventory needs an overhaul so identical weapons overlap instead of taking miles of room left and right… food wood and roster space should be infinite,everyone knows how to store anyway…
I can go on all day really…



There hasn’t ever been anything “prestigious” about the Prestige wheel. That one has needed an overhaul since day one.

In current game economy 4* may as well be a 2*


At least Bennies give good exp, these mostly useless 5* don’t.

Ok, you got me there!!

He won’t reply to this. He doesn’t have a clue :joy: