Update the supply depot and the survival road supply depot

Its been 3 years n same rewards n same toons in the depot…like seriously…u guyz need to put new toons in it so that the game looks exciting n we play for some toons…seems like u dont care about people feedback…we dont expect that kind of a behaviour from a 775million company


To be fair, SD wasn’t around three years ago. It does need updating.


Supply depot should be updated quarterly, along with 5* token wheel, prestige wheel, and so many other things. …war crates, 30 day pass toons…it’s all just outdated and been brought up many times in the past year and a half or longer

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They won’t. They like to release something then let it rot and fester into obsolescence.

Basic tokens…Helper tokens…War crates…everything. :smirk:


If it doesn’t make them money they won’t update.

So much that needs updating but instead we get SC, FO, weekly new premier recruit, dozens of offers every hour, mods and probably more all that makes them money nothing that actually makes the gameplay better or more exciting, even events are copy paste every week every month :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


And yet people keep spending and playing. Does make you wonder. Why??? Used to be such a great game. Now it’s whos got the biggest wallet or is just one lucky MF.
Time out teams. BORING!! :poop::poop::poop::poop:

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