Update: The fight against Harassment in-game

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give you a brief update on the mission to fight harassment within TWD:RTS.

We are putting together plans for chat changes that will help players be better protected against this behavior.

We are also working on looking into more resources for better filtering, blocking, and muting functionality.

I will keep you posted.

Thank you to all who shared your experiences with us and myself.

It has been heartbreaking to see your screenshots and read your experiences.
Looking forward to doing what we can to help.

Kindest regards,


Thank you

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Thank you so much, we appreciate it :heart:


A welcome change


This is welcome news.

Perhaps until these measures are put in place, there can be some officially stated preventative steps players can take toward blocking would be harassers? Not sure what legal would say, but someone shouldn’t have to stumble toward the discovery of the methods required to completely block someone during their harassment.

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Thank you Shane it is much appreciated.

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I have a feeling this is going to turn into the same as the forums currently where anyone can flag a post and get it blocked for any reason. A whole new type of hate.

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I surely hope the game starts taking things like this seriously. I had someone share my acct code with our whole region in an act of revenge for kicking him from our faction and support told me "nothing we can do, keep surviving "

They can’t do anything with your account code. They would need to know ur last receipt purchase.

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I’m not sure how to pm you was wondering if you could reach out to me so i can go from there i had a concern was hoping to get your help