Update the armory!

Earl has gotten stale af… There’s tons of unique weapons that have been out for some time, yellow impair, green abs etc. The armory hasn’t been updated a any new outcomes since its inception. Let’s spruce that bad boy up!


Those are ptw exclusives(except for yellow impair knife) doubt we will ever see those😂 but one can dream.

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I’m sure whaleish players will spend on pk/dt offers if these are released.

Yeah this could be a good idea. Instead of though unique weapons like coles disarm gun how about some new interesting specials like one that gives a 25% to ignore fatal damage or on death
a chance to give 50% hp to the teammate with the lowest hp. Something like that would be interesting.

Yeah, doesnt necessarily have to be those, just give us some new cool things. They can still sell special weapons. Whales are always gonna prefer to buy rather than take the time to grind. How many rick s Shiva pistols u see out there? Or tys lmg, etc.

Taunt, confuse weapons. Higher bleed and burn weapons. Alot more that they can do. But they won’t.

not many but when i do there is almost always 4 of each depending on the color team im fighting.

rmory hasn’t been updated a any new outcomes since its inception. Let’s spruce that bad boy up!

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It’s just got to a point where it i go in vs reds, I know they all have stuns, greens, yellows have abs. It is predictable. Having more carried weapons makes it where not every team has the same weapons.

yeah your right and the fact that healers dont come with the standard of healing one kind of ailment makes it hard to fight them. Trip during the 5* meta did good against stun gun armys.

I’d be worried that if u add more weapon types to the armory you may decrease the odds of getting in the best or good crit success since rng has one or maybe 3 more outcomes to choose from

I think everything needs an update. Basic tokens are useless, Helper tokens are useless, SR depot is near ignored, daily SR is ignored now, all ‘Items’ prices in the shop needs repricing, 1* weapons and chars are just taking up space, items that work on a set number instead of % are useless in 6* stat era…


1,000,000,000 likes. Well said.

Dont forget level up objectives being outdates af, askng us to lvl up citizens and such and not including anything for legends or active skill levelups… also the amount of points they give have become ignorable compared to what 6*s gige as points (and those dont hit objectives other then the color ones)

We also should be able to have like 4 or 5 armories

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