Update the arena crate

The war crate goes up to Mercer now (for some):

The daily s-class crate goes up to Wangfa:

But the arena crate… :neutral_face::

So please, do what you do best and pass it to the team. @GR.Scopely :eyes:


He crates need update and more shards,only high places get this crates its too bad for f2p get this things in arena.

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Need an increase in the amount also, need an increase in the amount of rewards and an increase in milestones. Arenas is really bad in terms of the amount of rewards per rank, rank 1 can get 30 rings while rank 2 gets like 6, its pretty bad. Of course nothing will change tho and we know why.

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Isn’t it wonderful that the community has to remind the devs on how to update their game

Get off WWE, Star Trek and get on to the RTS guys lol


No need. RTS still gives them lots of money. Notice how many employees were on the forums when PU or that article came about?

Nothing will be updated, keep spend… I mean surviving :smile:

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I couldn’t care less about arena crates and putting small amounts of collectibles is just a trap. Always always always take the rings.

Don’t know why you would click on a thread that has something you couldn’t care less about in the title. :woman_shrugging:t5:

They should update it to 0 how about that.

Yeah ok. :woman_shrugging:t5:

Agreed. Remove the s class items and double the rings :slight_smile:

People only take rings from those, right?

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Update it to more than 25

I would hope so…

One week I was very close to hengyen and took 50 vanilla cakes. I was weak and it was only once. :disappointed:


Oh, if it’s just like a smidge you need to complete a character… I’d be tempted too

Personally, i think the updater needs an update. The one blind monkey just isnt doing his job anymore. That poor, poor overworked and under-pancaked primate.

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Working as intended

oooooh someone been swimming in the salt mines today havent they

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