Update the 5 star wheel!

Its been an year n u guyz r giving 5* that we do not want…put some new ascendables in it n dont greed only about the money…775 million company n u cant update the wheel…pathetic…shame on u sir if u dont change ur approach towards the game…also game is boring with ur level up everyday…peeps will quit the game if nothing new comes up…goodluck


pretty sure it was updated like, 4-5 months ago :confused:


And they are how useful?

They should just update it every 3 months. By adding more older ascendables to it. And NOT taking out ones that are currently in it.


Add old collection toons into the 5 star wheel or just outdated ascendables like some of the winter ones.

Better would be adding ascendables as faction tourny rewards…nothing else can help competition more than that…why would people still spend weekend warring to either get supply points or pull dupe from token wheel ???

There is already 124 6* charakters now and most of them will be never put as premier again so I dont see reason why we could not get them as rewards.

Once a toon is more then 3 months old at this point in the “let’s make each toon out do every toon before it” Meta might as well add to the 5* wheel. I mean ffs people aren’t even happy pulling dante, according to some on this forum “he’s trash” lacreator Davie “he’s trash” hell throw Gabrielle in there because Im betting in a month people here will say “he’s trash”

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$copley don’t care if you quite or not , their new strategy is target new players , milk them …
That’s why they stopped giving anything good for free
F2p players doesn’t have fun cause $copley uses them to give pleasure to P2W ,that’s all.

One simple fix that could make this game interesting again. But no lets just churn out one OP promo after another. :-1:

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