This needs to be updated. Should be each month.

You need to add character released in last 6 Months, enough of these guys from over a year ago. I want to see Olivia, Raven, Negan, Weyland.

You get me.


None of that matters if its still a 93% chance to get a 5* that you can’t even ascend. Not with 7* being released


The times don’t add up. You want it updated each month with the recent characters added every 6 months? That would mean you need to wait an extra 5 months if you wanted this done each time.


Btw why would it need to be updated? We have Ajax and others in there that are still pretty relevant. We wouldn’t get Payback Negan or Elle with Bide.


Character released > 6 Months should be in the wheel

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Wouldn’t happen. If anything they would be put in the prestige wheel and even then that’s asking for too much.

Cause many people have all in the wheel. I got 5 Ajax, do I need more?

Yes. give us the better character, this is how you get some FTP people back in the game. One lucky pull and they get hooked again

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And many people don’t. I’d rather get a human shield first than some character that isn’t relevant anymore back from 6 months ago (even if the human shield was made over that time he is still relevant because obviously).

Ajax becomes irrelevant when magna drops

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Considering she needs special gear to be upgraded that gives her a big setback.

This is never gonna happen nobody would buy anything if they could just wait a couple months and get them free

Those are some unrealistic expectations lol

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Hahahahah, because Scopely will drop their top seller toons for free lmao

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I would be absolutely satisfied if they raise the ascendable toon drop odds. It’s disgusting to open 30k tokens (30 pulls) and only got 2 stupid toons like double Knox.

and why would we not get pay back negan etc … are these 6* super op against S.class toons… if someone trying to convence scopley for good instead of taking his side you already become negative

soon there will be a S.class human shield and your f2p Ajax who already is weak will be like 5* star shield

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Why would we…?

I’m not gonna take the side of someone that wants the wheel updated every month even though not everyone has every toon in this wheel before it gets updated. What’s the point of updating if you don’t get a chance to get these characters within the time limit? A month time limit, really? Not everyone gets 20 or more pulls within this time.

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If he’s weak why do multiple people still run him on defence and use him on attack alongside S Class characters?

You mean s class?

Same thing