Update: Surprize Mofos full- close pls

Hi all, hope you’re doing well.

We have a couple spots we need filling for preferably North Americans and pst timezone, we’re a heavily euro faction.

We’re currently in Troup, 1b. Finished 1st in last two crws, 2nd in blitz crw. Lost a few recently to WoC factions.

If you’re looking for a new home, with a group of fun ppl that don’t take this game too seriously, hit us up. :blush:



Bumped :slight_smile:

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where can i send my resume?

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No love for Canadians hmm. Rough.

Fixed lol

That’s why I’m a fan

Free bump too.

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Bumped :grin:

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Bumped again

what if you come to zlegion?

What if you came to mofos? :wink:

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Good faction, good peeps. Good luck, MauxFauxs!!!



Maux from apocalypse/bk?

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Good luck SMofos! Are you going to WOC3?

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Might be, waiting on official coms though before deciding

Bumped, need one more to fill

Good luck SMofos! :muscle:


We still looking for that special someone!

What can we offer:
We have grumpy canadians!
We have people who are in every line chat!
We have people who do weird things with sheep!
We have a porn director!
We have angry dutch people!
We have the best meme creator!
We have someone who can play a instrument!
We have people who know all secrets!
We have someone who is very friendly with their cousin!
We have potatos!
We have people who have a special bond with goats!
We have a ikea pro!
We have people who cant park!
We have someone with a cream egg fetish
And most of all we have a bosnian! (OMG!)

Do you think you have what it takes?
Are you brave enough to face the whales?

Are you gonna be the M to our OFO!

Join us! Sgitike!


I was interested until I got to the Bosnian part. Is that non-negotiable?


Somehow he got lead… :sweat_smile:



We have terrible judgement!