Update releases

Is there any way that the people who work for scopley can drop update releases and new content on non-war weekends. We players have noticed that scopley does not like to drop updates unless it’s war time. This makes absolutely no sense. It’s not like the 11 a week level ups can’t be held off and updates be released then. War is why we play, yet your updates cause so much lag. Have some respect for your war players, God knows enough love has been issued to the lvlup players.

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Wait, there was an update this weekend?

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Yes, right during the fight …

Are you in beta? I been waiting for the update and have not gotten it and I don’t think anyone in my faction has either.

Update just for Android Ios not yet

Android here and nothing


Are you beta?

yes? beta test

What update? :joy::joy: we were all scoped! We shouldn’t be surprised in the least by this.

I’m still looking for proper release notes on what actually changed in the update. Like for example, in the last update they added long press to collect all your territory rewards…might be something to be proud of and tell people?

Still no update

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