Update release date

Anyone has any info when the game will get the next update?

Already been rolled out to Android users, waiting to go live till iOS users get it

The update for the Survivor’s Club? It is out for some. Just not in the game yet.

Me and one other person i know of are locked out of game because its trying to force an update that google doesnt have available. :unamused: ive been out since last night, his just happened

Yeah that happened to me twice and i missed out on some points in a war tournament and login streak days.

Not all android users got the update yet.

Ohh I hope it includes the new transfers!

can u link me new transfers update

Does it fix Territories or is that still a steaming pile of crap?

Still crap but not as crappy

Don’t do it.

Its prob gonna be posted it was fixed in the patch notes like they did about 8 months ago but still crash all the time. Just like with toons getting really big on the screen, i think thats funny but they also said this was fixed and it was in patch notes that it was fixed, its still in game. What im trying to say is everything is a steaming pile of crap


Any news on update

Was no update, it was just an excuse to make war shorter and 6v6 and now this is how wars will be for while, its all done on purpose lol

Yeah i think you are right, normally I don’t care about updates but I have been Locked out of the game for more than a month and they said that the fix is on the next update.

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