Update Prestige, 5 Star Wheel, and Season Store

Can we have the Prestige and 5 Star Wheel change characters every so often? Maybe every few weeks? And change the Season Store? 55 days is extreme especially when the characters you can buy are not compatible with your current attack or defense. I liked it when you could buy trainers from there. Let’s bring that option too!


Yeah i liked that bag you could get trainers and gear in

Be careful what you ask for…


What do you mean be careful? I think some variation from time to time would actually be good. Maybe I’m not understanding.

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nope please dont scopely, if you want to change it often, the better option is for league season store


I mean that they’ll find a way to twist your request to “give what you asked for” but actually make it much worse. Or they won’t even bother with giving anything close to what you want, but still change so it’s much worse.

If they did it right, I’d be for more frequent wheel and store updates. But they wont do it right…


Konrad why don’t you want the prestige and 5 star wheel to update?

He probably does. It’s just that he knows Scopely and this an ‘update’ will most likely be a downgrade.


They just updated it less than 2 months ago. I wouldn’t expect another one for a while. Maybe January. Just the way they roll. Certainly not at the top of their priority list.

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There is decent and beneficial toons in there that not many people have

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Change those wheels without increase the odds is absolutely useless. The current prestige wheel already have nice toons, but not only is hard as hell to complete 1000 tokens for a pull, but the 7% of get a ascendable is laughable.

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Very true. They should increase the odds to at least 15%

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These toons are outdated and mostly useless as this stage of the game anyways.

Why not make the prestige wheel pull prestigious and only have ascendables in there. We aren’t getting many pulls anyways, so why not spice it up.

The rate of getting new ascendables for f2p is abysmal anyways. I have hoarded 5* fodder and medals for ages but the wheels don’t drop anything for me. In fact, I ascended Gator and Hershel this week to free up some roster space. Might aswell sell those useless 5* to the depot.


55 weeks for league makes sense once per season. Plus most don’t get enough season tokens to make it worth more than once a season. Same with prestige and 5 star tokens, if they changed it up every few months is good, every few weeks isn’t practical unless you have tons of tokens

I think a season should only last 30 days, also the wheels should rotate inventory in and out every 30 days, that seems reasonable to me, and only toons that have been premiers in the last 3-6 months should be rotated in and out.

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I agree. While I have used most of my tokens I have over 100k of season tokens. I think it should reset every 30 days.

They should increase the chances of getting the ascendants, a recent update has been done and they have a lot of good characters, but I still can’t get them

Ha this is so true.

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I haven’t even gotten all the ascendables in the 5* and prestige wheel yet calm down sir

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So you are saying put all pretty much put S-Class toons in there because all 6* are going to be outdated and useless