Update on Unacceptable Behavior


Buddy was banned this morning! We’ll see if he comes back, but if all his progress is gone, there is no reason to at all except for further immaturity.


He’s gone!?

Was this the bull? Lol

I’m hoping that he’s truly gone, but he was up to his usual antics on global and the next minute when you click on his profile, you get a blank avatar and all the stats are erased.

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yes haha.

Scopely is doing stuff now. This is good.

Is his name buddy or is he your buddy? Lol
Disregard my previous statement.

Awesome job everyone! Scopely had to listen!

Rip Bull! Hart region thanks you Scopley

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Poor bull. I have to check my account now if I have been banned.

Rip the bull. Disgusting person. Good riddance.

Actual well done scopely… even though it took months.

After 1 MONTH they banned a Hardcore Flamer?!?!?! Wauw