Update on the prestige/5* tokens/ elite characters/ Supply Depot

Been wondering when the 3 wheels update? elite characters only has 7 5* ascendables same with the prestige wheel. And im sure everyone has nearly all the 5* ascendables in the wheel. It would be awesome if you could update the wheel even its just adding literally 3 newer 5* ascendables.
EDIT: Also Supply Depot. Maybe some newer 5* ascendables? e.g dev/shiva/alpha? Maybe just a clear up of things never bought like usless 3* weps or gear.
And when will we see a simple button that will let us select more to buy? e.g more than 100k food at a go…

What do y’all think?

  • Yes they need to update the wheels!
  • No, i still haven’t gotten all of them

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How about scrap those shitty rng wheels and actually use the leauge store more properly.

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I haven’t even got an ascendable from 5* wheel since the update

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update the supply depot get rid of that useless gear in there replace with good gear better characters or update trainers

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I only have 1 of the new ascendables from the wheel but I still think they should update it.

Sd needs updating badly. Even adding some museum toons would be nice, yellow andrea etc.

Oh snap i totally forgot about this! Just added it in the post

Where’s the yes, but I don’t have all of them option. I’ve literally not gotten a single ascendable since that update. Been looking for that damn Kenny for like 2 years now

i had him a couple times but accidentally used him as a fodder. i mean they dont have to remove the current 5* ascendables from the wheel (But it would be better if they did).

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It doesn’t matter whether you have all the currently available toons or not. Wheel updates are good for everyone as long as they add new ascendables

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i totally agree. plus these ones are the old ones. they barely beat new meta teams. speaking from experience. plus theres only like 7 5* ascendables which are all not the greatest

Whats your reasoning?

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