Update on regions activity level!


If people dont care to post id love to see and kniw where your region once stood and where it is now in terms of activity.

Normally our 9-10 has around 30 wars by now…
And our first has around 55-60 (first currently at 30)



In Bacon we have over 500 factions and only 31 of those factions are participating in this War


I can understand it a little bit. To Tryhard these hours for these prizes?


Here’s mine be afraid of our region :slightly_smiling_face:


@kalishane as mentioned in another thread about merging and opening Baldwin this is proof something needs to happen fast


Only 3 factions are actually warring


Yep always will be. Got to support home team


close to ours there are 4 factions warring and few smaller factions scored just for the rankings. 10 factions in total leaderboard.


I’m in the midst of tracking some 30 odd regions the past 2 “normal”wars. Will post a thread when it’s done. =) I might even make some graphs lol.