Update Museum & Scavenger Missions!

I’ve seen similar threads before but think it would be great to Update the Museum with some new collections. There is only 4/5 left for me to collect and I dont think the original collections where ever added to since launch! We have tons and tons more characters now and would certainly make it more interesting! Especially collections involving characters from the 5 Star Wheel! Rewards could be trainers(lillths, uylsses, adens, bennies) aswell as weapons parts etc. Useful Stuff!

The Scav Missions also need a big overhaul. There are very few useful missions! The only missions I really use are the ones that give cans on bonus like ‘where there’s smoke’ and then missions like ygl and the AR mission! Far too many missions give wood, which is much too plentiful a resource anyway!
The Time of the missions is also way off for where the game is now. 6 days for a random bag of gear or a flak or beanie or something! Update the missions, add kits, tapes, lillths, active skill trainers, 6 star gear, more food bags (in decent quantities, it seems pointless having missions for 4k food)! The Camps use to be a place to get things we needed and the game has moved on massively since then. They need a fair bit of work!


2 days scavenger mission for 1 war can… a war can gets used in like a minute. Should be like 5 cans.


if they update it… it’s just gonna become worst then it was.

Scavanging you can do missions for coins,
world refills, raid refills,.

30k XP, weapon bags.

you just need to learn the special rewards.


I agree, only because we’ve all seen what they did to gear maps. Rip

you can get rare gear bags, which was rather useless but now it could be smart to farm those also increase the overall bank of gearz.

I’m jealous of prestige 12 players with their Gold Coin mission :frowning:
Only like 5 more years and i’ll be prestige 12!!

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Bump @Agrajag
anything on the design front on these topics?
thank you for your time

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They need to add a Museum Shop to use those Collection points on. Seriously, as they said “Those points are just for dickwaving”, it was rather a bad decision not making them spendable.

How about inventing a shop with useful stuff? Assault and SR have their own, and War and Level Up could have their own as well just like Museum. It’s not that simple, but it will pay off very well.

Think we just need to accept these as a dead feature with only use to limit number of event pulls.

Remember blue scav missions. Those were the days.

100% agreed.

Every single wood mission in the scav camp is there just to keep ygl away for another day. No one needs wood. No one wants wood. Seriously doubt anyone runs a missions just for wood over 4 hrs.

Get rid of them or just keep every mission available all the time with it’s cooldown shown. Enough with the rng on every single aspect of the game.


To the top!

Seriously, only a couple ever used by most legacy players, but then this…

I honestly don’t understand the reasoning behind having all these potential missions sitting in the que for so long.

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