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So, why do we still have the various options to train characters in the training grounds if we have to convert them all to trainers before we can use them? Can’t we just have the options to train for trainers? I mean, what good does having 20 peacemakers do if I can’t use them to upgrade a peacemaker?


In case you want to use those characters in your roster rather than as level-up fodder

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so does that mean we only need level 1 training grounds now? and also is there no other way of getting meghans apart from them dropping as rewards or buying them?

who needs 2☆, 3☆, 4☆ in their roster?


New players?

I use 1*/2* with damage reflect weapons for nightmare SR and territories.


new players get faster 5☆ toons then they have training grounds ready to train 3☆and 4☆…

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Unless all new players start with a roster full of 5*s, they still need some characters to use on their teams. Especially with some roadmaps, SR stages, and arenas having certain trait/characteristic restrictions, new players might still need 3*/4* initially to help their expand their roster.

How about they actually update the points earned from leveling s class toons?


the words might and initally show that you know theyre obsolete but write otherwise… i didnt read no reasonable argument from you… and i dont write with bots, so have a good day…

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Because you don’t know how to read.

As far as I know, new players don’t start with a full roster of 5*s. So without 2*s, 3*s, 4*s, how will they run roadmaps/SR/arenas? If they start with just 1 5*, removing 2*s, 3*s, or 4*s means that their team is literally 1 character out of 5 character slots, until they can get more 5*.

I’m not saying that 3*s and 4*s hold their value due to players’ wants, but rather they have value when it comes to necessity for new players.

Do you use them on your war attack team too? I remember seeing your name in war and you only scored like 400 points. You always talk on this forum like you have skills and intelligence but putting it into action seems to be a problem for you.


Elite training is worth having in one grounds so you can store food and survivors.

Training grounds could use an overhaul though for sure

Nah, I’ve been messing around with this infection team after I hit 150k in war.

Works well against Trader/tank teams, doesn’t work well against doc+command teams.

its that you dont understand what we’re talking about. the topic is about training grounds! hello! by the time you can train 3☆ you dont need to, cause you’ve got better toons on your team…

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Topic was about training grounds, but me replying to you is about this:

Which covers more than just training grounds.

that was a reply to your:

Oh yea… that was reply was 2 days ago. Replying to your comment, I was thinking solely about the general use of 2, 3, and 4 star characters in your roster. Sorry.


The better question is WTF do you do with the 1 stars that you have? Not only that, but WHY are there STILL 1 star missions in the training grounds? I recently wasn’t paying enough attention and trained up about 10 one stars.

They can be trained up to max 1 star, but even then they cannot be turned into a trainer nor can they be ascended or used to train anyone else. They also cannot be deleted. They are now just permanently wasting space on my roster…

You can sell them for a pitiful amount of food if that helps?

Also there is still 1 star training in the training grounds for the same reason that there are still 8 different ways to train 2 stars despite their only use being conversion into a trainer. Reason being they haven’t bothered to update the training grounds yet. Hopefully they will.


Where do you sell them? I don’t see an option…

I’d delete them for free if I can figure it out.

Never mind, finally found it. Through the shop. No option in roster or training grounds.