Update is out, when do the token wheels get updated?


Update is out, when do the token wheels get updated?




Sorry, didnt mean to yell


So does this mean we get bltiz war tomorrow @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely


I think it’s going to be on beta soon…


Follow up question will we know what the new contents are before or after it updates? If Carl isn’t there after, I’m pulling now lol.


No odds, no wheel update, but yay we get profile pictures. What a huge drop off of an update from 9.2 to 9.3 and a bunch of hot air blown about what to expect.


And crit got nerfed :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Doubt they remove remeber what happened last wheel update lets hope my boi Connors there lol hes going to be awesome when I get my hands on that badass


I’m not seeing an update thru Google yet


Same here. Still not in Play Store yet but I’m sure it will be.


Really waiting for a reply to this. Got 30k 5* tokens and its giving me anxiety not being able to pull them


I can’t believe we lost war for a nothing update.


And a new game icon.


Best post i’ve seen in awhile


So no wheel update, that sucks


At least we got town zoom out back.


After the update my game doesn’t even open anymore.
It just freezes everything and pops the ''walking dead has stopped" message.
What a way to go


I did that and even turned my cell on/off and still nothing :frowning:


Severely nerfed… Smh