Update in Google store


Hey, so 105mb update downloaded, no idea how its distributed but I feel a lucky winner. I noticed some things repaired that were reported.

So far I see:

  1. War leaderboard is back to normal!
  2. After successful raid you can speed up rewards animation
  3. After terry battle you actually get info on league trophies awarded

Check your Androids, find out what else changed.


There’s no update in my play store. I force stopped it and cleared cache. It not showing a thing. Are you beta? That would explain that.


Nothing in ios


Yes I was beta.


Did they fix the raid logs where it showed full health on all the toons


Apparently not, but I’ve not been raided since I updated


But then … I didn’t get my Garrett :frowning:


This update is pretty bad for territories can’t seem to attack more then once without force reboot :’(


And War leaderboard is not working as it should … It shows only last war. Whatever you swap. So no access to history.

Another issue is raid log - not repaired in this update, showing all in full health so you dont get any info on your team performance in def.


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