Update Gear Depot


Please update this “gear depot” as it’s way outta time. Get 6* gear in there starting with T3 Gear. This top row is farmable ffs. Gear depot should be filled with decent end gear, and pump the numbers up. Instead of leaving us to wait for RNgeesus to roll round with whatever it is you need. Stop the gear bottle neck.

And also Make Lillith & Active Skill trainers more accessible…


yes indeed, this supply depot is 2009 model, bring it up to the current year and more Liliths please.


Sr depot needs work as well the 4* toon box needs to go and them 2 crap weapons


Add a damn ascend in there already. Or at that were is my blue axel already


Exactly @JB.Scopely. we need an update to the gear depot. The crap load of markers being given out as rewards are a waste. This store will be valuable only once you put 6* stuff in there.


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