Update for Laopo and DR AR?

Any news here ? When will they fix it ? Any news ?

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4th Quarter of 2021image

@KamilDenmark - We have released the 22.0.1 that will solve those issues encountered with Characters. Can you tell me if this issue is still happening after updating your game? Thanks :slight_smile:

can confirm its fixed. they use their Active t1 on defense

Laopo still same… nothing changed. Turn 3 still nothing

So if I don’t update until it’s forced, I can raid in easy mode until then, whilst those who have updated can’t. Pretty harsh on those who have updated.


Hey @GR.Scopely I will make some tests and get back 2you… :slight_smile:

Sr jones rush no have efect

Wait… Roll back my update!!! Nooooo! Lol now toons are back to using their skills :sob:

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I’ll just keep it as it is for now :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOOL…haha Now my docs can rock again

Hello, all the characters are ok except laopo who still does not trigger his active talent on turn 1 or even turn 2,

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Dear @GR.Scopely

Docs: Yes

Laopo: No --> used AR in 3 round.

Arms are bugged also. They are still 4*

@GR.Scopely laopo still dont use active turn 1 on defense… plz fix

Hey - I just made some tests, and my fac memeber telling me it aint working, doc is not using AS in 1 turn, neither is Laopoo

Can you confirm your game version?

Edit: if your factionmate is doing the attacks, need the factionmate’s game version, as yours would be irrelevant.

Did you do the update? I updated and Doc and Raven work t1. Didnt check laopo

ahhh ofc… I’ve updated… but this dosent really make sense?

if they “never” update / or are NOT forced to update, they can destroy any laopo and doc defenses as they will not work in their version?