[UPDATE] - FIXED - S-Class and Road to S-Class Roadmaps Unavailable

[UPDATE] The roadmaps are now available in game. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

To thank you for your patience with the roadmap disappearance, all players will receive a compensation of 1 World Energy Refill and 30 torches to help you catch up on the lost time.

-Original Message-

We’re aware that the S-Class and Road to S-Class roadmaps are currently unavailable in game. We will keep you updated on investigations as soon as we have information from the team.


thanks for notice


Food and material production has also dropped. And the problem with the chat disconnecting all the time hasn’t been fixed… getting to much glitch now from this game!

They will update the choice box? need to update and put good prizes in box, 30 itens S are nothing now,but we are here waiting bro ,have good day.

@WalkerTexasRanger With all due respect, why would we need to be updated on the investigations? At this point who cares why it’s screwed up, all we care about is when you will get it back or what compensation we get if it takes longer than 24 hours.

And if there is work involved in getting it back you might want to make sure to update the choice box, it’s been irrelevant for a long time. That would be a very wise improvement to it since you guys couldn’t get it up on time.


update that box please, with Mercer’s Cards


I say it was the butler, with the iron, in the library


It’s been working fine for weeks. How and why can it suddenly stop working???

Scopely working from home probably :slight_smile:


Someone posted a support ticket regarding the two roadmaps.

What I want to know if changes are in the works how can you currently have two offers for torches in the game? One is for $20 and the other is almost 700 coins.

This is ridiculous. What about that promise of better communication? You could and should have said something about these maps before removing them.

Thank you for communicating this here, very much appreciated :blush:


I’ve conducted my own investigation, may post it later

Thank you for the information


Thank you for the communication


Cos scopely

Its back , now with added princess - so normalise resist mods in around a week then…

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Yay princess cards!

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And where is the compensation?

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Hasn’t shown up for me yet

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