Update current S class boxes

You took away the 3200 crate for an unknown reason…also haven’t provide F2P collections yet for toons…so with that said…we do arenas daily for weekly prizes. This is now 2 months behind and 4 S class behind (Wangfa, Aarav, Guo, Daiyu) it needs updated. ASAP. Meaning please add those 4 cards to existing box.

We know you can do it because 5* weapon parts were inserted immediately.

Thanks in advance @GR.Scopely


I still want chocolate cake though so please don’t remove the existing collection


Nah needs ADDED too not taken away.


Please just stop telling them what to do!! They removed collections from raids and Sr because of that

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Okay boss…lol


Please keep speaking up! I want improvements, I want results. These are valid concerns and issues that everyone benefits from. How about people support it and each other instead of being jerks. Your divide is why we’re having problems ffs.


I’m all for choice boxes. 5* tokens should not be in rewards at all. Or maybe just as a supplement for fodder. Since Bennie’s are way more valuable now.


It’s shouldn’t be just the top few finishers in level ups that get them either. It should be scaled down for all.

5* tokens are mostly useless at this point.


What improvements stop joking yourself! U want collectibles removed from everywhere? They already removed the ones of raids and Sr and the 3rd box with 3200!!

They may just have make a choice box and one can choose between 5* tokens or collectibles. Not many care that much about tokens as scopely think

That’s actually a good idea.

You’re bringing a lot of negativity to something positive. I’m not “joking” myself, you can stop being naive and rude. Players didn’t have any choice in what happened to those, stop blaming the players for it, they don’t run this game. Scopely removed it, you should be focused with the rest of the people to bring things like that back.

Nobody asked them to remove those.

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That constant asking and complaining is what made them do that bud

Or… Here’s a wild idea… Scopely can get more people spending to get extremely valuable armory tokens than 1000 white cakes? They did that, I don’t think anyone complained for the 3200 crate to be taken out. Only complained since it’s been gone. They get more money from those spending on torches than giving them. Etc… you can’t see that it’s only a gain for them? I don’t see any posts asking for any of that to be removed but I see Scopely benefitting. But if you want to blame players, sure go ahead and join the others. Certainly won’t stop me or others on advocating for positive changes and improvements. :+1:


By that logic they are run by children and not real business people then.
A real business person would listen to feedback and act on it, not act against it to compound the issue.


Yes, let’s just keep fighting for 28,910 five star tokens for finishing fourth in a level up. Those will come in handy. Quick, nobody speak up. Maybe they will change the prizes.


You almost seem to be having the correct set of mind because obviously they don’t care and they’re going to go the opposite way from what we even say but then again being silent means that we’re being complicit.
But it seems to me when we voice our opinions on things that would be an improvement to the game all they do is take it to the team and find out a way to monetize it to their advantage.

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@Gov Thanks for your feedback and request. I will push it to the game team for review.

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Needs more than 25 too should be at least 50

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Ha ha ikr it’s so sad it hurts☹️