Update causing many problems - Device specific?

Sorry for the Tags CombatMan CombatDevIl JB.Scopely But I have not been on the forums for some time. I wanted to tag @kaliShawn who used to troubleshoot different devices. If you can let me know if there is now a replacement employee that specializes in this area that would be great.

Edit: @Shawn.Scopely is that you!!??

Ok there is already a thread about the Screen Glitch Screen glitch after update
… but I have a Fac mate that is experiencing this along with other major problems since the update… it could possibly be related to this thread https://forums.scopely.com/t/dc-bug-since-last-update/42572 but I’m not sure.

PM me if you need more specific details.

I’ll post all the information I got from him:

“Is anyone’s game doing this?”

“Anyone else having problems with the game turning off your phone?”

“I have a Motorola Droid turbo”

“The game is almost unplayable now, it freezes on raids and TT and it shuts off my phone once or twice a day”

I heard of that :confused:
I bet, he has to wait till the next update is coming.

Damn :joy: thoughts updates were supposed to fix things and improve them, by the looks of things they wont meet thier target for the 4th quarter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or they build in old bugs :wink:

I have also problem

Sony z5

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Keep Calm everyone. I read on another thread that it’s been Scopley Fixed.
#ScopelyFixed :rofl:

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Yes, Shawn has updated his tag :slight_smile:

This is a known minor issue, occurring when minimising the game, and then putting it back to the active app on the device.

A way to go around it for now would be to force close the game and start it again.
We’ll be taking a closer look at those as soon as possible and I hope for a fast resolution.

Thanks again for the heads up.


I lol’d. Then I lol’d again when i saw JB had edited his original post :joy:


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I just wanted to give an update on my friend. He is crashing a lot in the current Fac SR event.

He says it may be the new Blue Morgan’s 2nd Shot that is causing the crash.

i still have bugs in territories… same as before , what happened to the “intended” fix?

And plz give us a blitz war before weekend before cross region war…please…

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