Update came out, but what's in it?


What exactly was updated in the update? I can’t zoom my town out like I used to. There’s still a red circle with the letters “PH” in it for the fac Assault tickets. This is on Android I’m playing on. Everyone is going to be asking what you did, so you might as well be ready for it.


On ipad it says “support for iphone X”



I can’t zoom my town out to where you can look at the whole thing like you used to. @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely


Same it’s kinda odd on iPad Pro stuck in the mid Zoom lol



That’s a side effect of having to support the wide screen ratio of iPhone X.


For me this update brought me :vhs: raids


Lol looks like an lsd trip


The Matrix is being deactivated!


It brought me more game crashes in the middle of doing things and having to try and make support understand what in fact is an easy question.


Walking dead fallout crossover I like it


Long press for selling weapons for food, finallllly. Appreciated nonetheless.


The game crashes even worst the last 2 updates. This is getting ridiculous. This makes 3 updates in a row where the game crashes constantly. Can you guys fix this, we’re all tired of losing our stuff from completing things in the game. @kalishane


There also added Background at the Raids and character menu, which looks pretty Nice, in my opinion


A few more things that have changed that I can think off the top of my head:

  • during level-up, the preview points you’d get for leveling have been moved around
  • persona icons in the roster are larger
  • the animation of killed zombies falling down has been changed (zombie now falls apart)
  • 3rd place in war gets raid can


The animation of killing zombies has been
changed with the ascendance update, so
it’s already in since a long time xD


Do you have a link to the vid? For comparison? To me it looks like they changed it again. The zeds now really split into peaces and fall apart.

See above. I could swear they have finetuned it again. Maybe I haven’t noticed that before. I’d really like to see a comparison video. ^^


Look at the video please. Now for instance the arms are falling of and the colors are different aren’t they? In the last update they added carcasses laying around. I’m pretty sure the animation has been reworked a bit. And the zombies have advanced bleeding visuals.


clear your cache to get rid of the ph bullshit.