Update bug with leaderboard


When I open any leaderboard it auto advances to 26th position, if I click “my position” it will look as if it is going to scroll to my position but it will auto go back to the 26th position player. I am currently way higher than 26th so scrolling to my position is a pain. I don’t know if it would happen if say I was 5th, so can’t comment on that
Also I am just updated to the highest play store version on Android, I am not in beta.

Just a Small Bug

Lol I had that happen too, was rank 49 and it kept going to 26 when I clicked the "my position " button. I am not in beta, and it just started today. I’ve had the update since it first was released a few days ago.

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Reporting same thing


Same with me about being on update since release, only thing different is it started yesterday\last night.
I was kinda hoping it was my real position because of all the banning of people and the list just hadn’t updated with the removed names. Sadly this was not the case.

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Wonder what’s so special about the number 26 lol

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Maybe it’s because our accounts are in the “unlucky group” so our coding is different?? :no_good_man:t2: :man_shrugging: :canned_food: + :billed_cap:

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Yeah I can’t be because they are lucky that’s for sure :roll_eyes:

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I’m having the same issue over here with event ranking. It’s really annoying.

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Been an issue for me for a cpl weeks now.

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JB mentioned the “my position” button not working to me yesterday, no ETA on a fix yet but they’re aware.


My guess is because yesterday was the 26th and still the 26th in 2 time zones in the US. My was fine before yesterday

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Mine’s been doing the same thing since the update

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Simple fix, give everyone the prizes for 26th place and be done with it

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Just bumping hopefully to get seen and fixed soon.

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Bumping to keep it alive. Looking forward to it being fixed.

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Hello. I made an in game purchase but never received it. What can I do?

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You’ll need to contact support. Others here may know the links also if all else fails contact Google or apple, then I guess last resort would be your bank.


A game that is so buggy after reporting all the bugs in beta how can this be such a thing shh they have level one coder :wink:

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Hopefully this one gets fixed, it is like they hate and don’t care about low ranked people! Rankisem for players 26th+ is real with stuff like this.


Is that a boston terrier in your prof pic? I have 2.

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