Update 9.3 kindle users


Once again those of us who play on the Amazon kindle are waiting patiently for the update, while all the cool kids are playing with their shiny new toys (9.3)


Mainstream devices are probably priority.


You can get Google Play Store on Kindle. Just download some apps needed to run it and you can get the latest update. S’how I got mine. Amazon Appstore sucks the fat one.


Shiny new bugs*


Still no update :frowning:


Really? Wow. So the whole thing about canceling the previous weekend’s war was because the update wasn’t going to be available for all players. Yet here we are with blitz war where some have the update and some don’t.

Clearly that delay didn’t really matter…


They needed the extra time to nerf the game some more and polish up those glitches and bugs to a luminous shine. It takes hard work to break something this much with each and every update.

And how they allowed beta players to compete in a survival road tournament with the nerfed crit rate. They are so full of crap. Nothing they say can be taken at face value.


Still no updates on when y’all rolling out updates to Kindle devices? Stuck in limbo account is set at 9.3 while the device is stuck 9.2.2 something. I understand that it takes time and effort to coordinate with the people in Amazon to get them to post the update. I just don’t want to be lost in the shuffle of things, which is why the need for this post.


I use the Amazon app on my Android. Would like to know when it will be updated




no update means no SR tourney.

This will let the complete faction down!

Please help @liveops, @kalishane


Why does this happen with EVERY SINGLE UPDATE?


It’s a solo tournament


and people need the medals for the lucky few that have ascendables


Yes today is a solo tournament, however yesterday was a war and tomorrow is war now long do we have to suffer for not getting to use our devices. I just am hoping from someone with authority to comment in here saying we are working with Amazon to get you a update. Right now I am thinking that we are being totally dismissed. I feel that our concerns are of no importance


They should compensate all amazon players. I’ve pretty much missed the entire survival road tournament, no premier recruits either. Totally unfair


I agree what the hell is going on. I play on my tablet as well through the Amazon app and that’s how I like to buy my coins. Now I can’t use my damn Amazon coins for purchases until it is updated!

Please fix your shit.


I know this is Amazon’s fault, not Scopely’s. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Are we going to be locked out of blitz wars? I’ve already missed the survival road tourney. We need this update!


I just got a message saying I won’t be able to access the game for 24 hours. That’s a MINIMUM of 2-3 events plus regular activity AND the daily coins I paid for. I don’t care whose fault it is, I expect compensation. I do play other games, and I never have this problem with updates. I’m not throwing away good money on nothing any more.


I can see it saying there is an update coming shortly. so ok i’ll wait.
i’m no going to overly react nor make outrageous demands i’ll wait. it’s a game i enjoy and sure it’s a behind track but i’d rather get the game working that not.

Should i blame Scopely for an Amazon fault…no
Should Amazon compensate me on this…no
do i think i know fully whats going on and out of control not really.